L-Glutamine for Sugar Cravings – Will it Actually Help?

Many people seek ways to curb sugar cravings in their quest for a healthier lifestyle, and many supplements have gained attention as a potential solution to this issue.

So, the question we’re pondering today is – L-glutamine for sugar cravings – will it actually help?

This article delves into the relationship between L-Glutamine and sugar cravings, as well as the supplement’s other potential weight loss benefits, so we’ll definitely find out.

Is L-Glutamine Good for Sugar Cravings?

L-Glutamine is thought to help curb sugar cravings by providing an alternative energy source for the brain. 

When blood sugar levels drop, the brain seeks an energy boost, often resulting in cravings for sugary foods. L-Glutamine can be (it usually isn’t) converted into glucose by the liver, helping to stabilize blood sugar levels and potentially reduce sugar cravings. 

However, glutamine is also known to “blunt” the glucose spikes in response to eating carbs (which sugars are), so there’s something to be said about that, as well. [1]

Now, it’s easy to assume that these reports of glutamine offsetting cravings are true, but we really need more research in order to establish the extent of L-Glutamine’s effect on sugar cravings.

From what we know so far, there really isn’t enough evidence to boldly claim that glutamine can help suppress your desire for sweets.

When Should You Take L-Glutamine for Sugar Cravings?

If you’re taking L-glutamine to help manage sugar cravings, consider consuming it between meals or when you’re most prone to cravings. 

This can help ensure that L-glutamine is readily available as an alternative energy source for the brain when blood sugar levels dip.

That said, how much of a difference will that make – we can’t know.

One can only assume (and hope) that this practice could be something that would help you not reach for the cookie jar.

Does L-Glutamine Suppress Appetite?

L-Glutamine does not appear to suppress appetite.

In fact, a study from 2015 actually showed that supplementing with glutamine led to an increase in portion size. [2]

Now, we can’t take the findings of a single study as absolute truth. That’s not how it works.

The only thing we can say with absolute certainty is that we don’t know what kind of effect L-glutamine might have on your appetite and that the individual mileage may vary.

Does Supplementing L-Glutamine Have Any Other Weight Loss Benefits?

There are some indications that supplementing with L-glutamine has a somewhat significant impact on weight loss.

Even if we forget about its potential effects on appetite and sugar cravings, there have been studies that have showcased that supplementing with glutamine can lead to a drop in overall body weight as well as belly circumference. [3] [4]

But as always, we have to take a good look at these studies, and once we do, it becomes evident that these were short-term effect studies performed on a handful of people.

So, until further research is available – we can only say there’s a chance glutamine may help you lose a few pounds.

But, even if glutamine was beneficial, we must note that L-Glutamine alone is not a magic weight loss solution; a balanced diet, caloric deficit, and regular exercise are the only truly significant factors for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.

What’s an Effective Dosage of L-Glutamine for Weight Loss?

There isn’t an optimal or effective dosage of L-glutamine for weight loss because glutamine isn’t a weight-loss supplement.

As we said, there isn’t enough evidence to support the theory that glutamine can aid with weight loss.

That said, if you are supplementing with L-glutamine for another reason, like managing IBS symptoms, 5-10 grams a day is what’s usually recommended.

Do You Really Need to Take L-Glutamine for Weight Loss?

No, you really don’t need to take L-glutamine for weight loss.

Not only is there not enough evidence to even entertain the idea of glutamine being a weight-loss supplement, but there also isn’t ANY magic supplement that will help you lose weight.

Every weight loss supplement is nothing more but an aid in your journey to losing extra pounds.

The only real way to lose weight is to eat less than you need and burn off more than you eat. That’s it. And that can be easily done without any supplement ever.

Sure, some supplements could make you work out harder and longer. 

Some supplements could suppress your appetite or even subdue your sugar cravings. 

But none of that matters if you still end up eating more than you need, and none of that matters if you commit to eating less and putting in the work in the gym.


So, will it help? Maybe.

Based on what we know so far, there might be a chance that L-glutamine could help you with your sugar cravings, but that’s about it.

It won’t make them go away, and it definitely won’t stop you from eating them when those intrusive thoughts come about.

That said – don’t stress about the cravings.

If you want to eat something sweet – eat it. Just don’t eat the whole jug of ice cream, and you’ll be fine.

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