Does Coffee with L-Carnitine Actually Work? – It’s Debatable

You may have heard about the potential health benefits of mixing L-carnitine with coffee.

This beverage has been marketed as an energy booster and fat burner, and its purported benefits have been touted on the internet.

So does coffee with L-carnitine actually work?

What Does L-Carnitine Do for You?

L-carnitine is a compound that is naturally produced by the body, and its role in the body is beyond vital.

It aids in the energy production processes by transporting fatty acids into the cells, more precisely mitochondria, where these fatty acids are used to produce energy. By following this logic, L-carnitine is a natural “fat burner”, which is why it is often praised as a fat loss supplement.

Apart from that, L-carnitine aids several other processes in the body, including metabolism and heart and brain function.

According to some, L-carnitine also plays a role in helping with male infertility, but that’s a story for another time.

L-carnitine is not only produced by the body but can also be consumed through diet. It is found in foods such as red meat and dairy products.

It is also available as a dietary supplement. Still, as with any supplement, it is important to do extensive research before taking it up because you could easily either put yourself at risk or simply flush money down the drain.

For example, one could easily claim that supplementing with L-carnitine is outright ineffective because studies have shown that despite only ingesting about 10 mg daily, vegans usually don’t suffer from L-carnitine deficiency.

So, it’s kind of hard to gauge the effectiveness of an L-carnitine supplement.

Do You Get Additional Benefits from Combining Coffee with L-Carnitine?

In theory, combining L-carnitine with coffee should provide some additional benefits.

The main reason why this might work is dosing.

Generally speaking, you make the most out of carnitine if you take it in smaller doses of up to half a gram at once. So, if you were to mix L-carnitine with your coffee, you would ingest it several milligrams at a time with each sip.

However, there’s little to no evidence other than plain logic supporting this theory.

Another thing to keep in mind is coffee itself.

Coffee has been studied extensively and is known to increase energy levels, boost cognitive function, and even aid with fat loss by boosting metabolism and improving digestive health.

So, combining these two should at least have some benefits on your weight loss journey when coupled with a healthy diet and well-thought-out exercise routine.

Is L-Carnitine Coffee Good for Weight Loss?

L-carnitine coffee certainly isn’t bad for weight loss. How good it is, well, that’s up for debate.

While it might provide some additional benefits, the evidence is not really there to firmly back up that claim.

For starters, supplemental L-carnitine has a much worse absorption rate than the one obtained from a diet. Also, coffee, on its own, is not a magic potion.

While it is virtually calorie-free, drinking black coffee does not burn calories on its own.

So, if your goal is to lose weight, adding L-carnitine coffee to your daily beverage routine might help, but it will ultimately come down to caloric deficit and exercise.

Does L-Carnitine Burn Belly Fat?

You cannot burn body fat in specific areas by consuming supplements or spamming exercises for that particular body part. For example, crunches won’t give you a six-pack, despite strengthening your core muscles.

To burn fat, you must be in a caloric deficit and exercise regularly.

That being said, L-carnitine may help you optimize your fat-burning process by transporting fatty acids, thus improving energy production.

Also, despite anecdotal evidence, injecting L-carnitine into belly fat won’t help you shed belly fat in a more efficient manner.

Does L-Carnitine Coffee Work?

L-Carnitine coffee works – to a degree.

It will help transport fatty acids to your mitochondria and may improve energy production, but it won’t make up for an unhealthy lifestyle.

While both coffee and L-carnitine are known to improve energy levels, you should focus more on getting enough sleep, eating healthy foods, and exercising regularly in order to shift your body composition.

Should You Take L-Carnitine with Coffee?

If you want to improve your energy levels and optimize your fat-burning process, adding L-carnitine coffee to your diet may be beneficial to a degree.

However, it is critical to understand that this drink isn’t a magical potion. And quite frankly, the results will be minimal at best.

Our bodies produce just enough L-carnitine naturally, and eating enough meat should be more than enough to replenish anything your body might be lacking.


Supplementing with L-carnitine is pretty much optional, with or without coffee.

While neither of these is bad for you, it is much wiser for you to focus on building a healthy lifestyle with plenty of sleep, physical activity, and nutrient-dense foods rather than relying on supplements to help you achieve your goals.

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