Can You Dry Scoop Creatine?

Dry-scooping has become a staple of hardcore lifters and gym bros.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s pre-workout, protein, or in some cases, even creatine – it just looks badass.

But, despite the obvious visual appeal, does dry-scooping even make sense? Can you dry scoop creatine?

Let’s find out!

Quick Answer: Can You Dry Scoop Creatine with Water?

Yes, you can dry-scoop creatine and wash it down with water. However, this is by no means the most efficient way to take creatine, nor does it yield any benefits to a regular creatine-water-shaker combo.

Why Isn’t Dry Scooping Creatine the Best Option?

First of all, dry-scooping creatine, or any other powder for that matter, is a potential hazard.

Dry creatine powder is difficult to swallow, as it will stick to the mouth and throat, blocking your airways and causing you to choke. It could also cause stomach discomfort.

Secondly, there are absolutely no additional benefits to dry-scooping creatine. It won’t absorb faster, won’t be more effective, and won’t make you gain muscle more quickly.

In fact, creatine is most probably absorbed in the same way as amino acids, meaning it is primarily absorbed in the small intestine. [1] Therefore, it is much better if it is adequately dissolved in liquid.

Finally, proper hydration is essential for creatine efficacy, and dry-scooping could lower water intake, potentially minimizing your gains.

Is Dry Scooping Creatine Bad for You?

While dry-scooping isn’t necessarily bad, it is also not good.

As mentioned above, it is potentially hazardous and can do more harm than good. So, one could argue that it is harmful to some extent.

Is Dry Scooping Creatine Bad for Your Teeth?

Dry-scooping creatine (flavored creatine) can harm your teeth and dental health.

Flavored creatine powders often contain citric acid, which is terrible for your teeth.

Citric acid can erode tooth enamel through a process called demineralization, and the reason this is bad is – you can’t regenerate enamel.

Once enamel is damaged, your teeth become overly sensitive. This leads to many problems, like discomfort, pain, cavities, and tooth decay.

Can You Take Creatine Powder Without Water?

While you could, theoretically, swallow creatine powder and not wash it down – that is generally not recommended.

Proper hydration is vital when supplementing with creatine.

Creatine is an osmotically active substance. That means when you ingest creatine, it will draw water into the muscle cells and hydrate them, making them healthier, stronger, and fuller.

Can You Eat Creatine Powder?

You can.

Research suggests that sprinkling your food (mainly protein and carbs) with creatine powder may improve absorption. [2]

But there is another way.

Best Alternatives to Creatine Powder if you Don’t Like Mixing it with Water

If you are not in the mood to drink 2-3 dl of water every time you want to take creatine, or you just don’t enjoy mixing creatine – there are two alternatives – gummies and pills.

It is much more convenient and safe to swallow a pill or chew up a gummy bear than to dry-scoop five grams of fine powder.

Here are gummies and pills that you can take instead of dry-scooping.

SWOLY Creatine Gummies 
SWOLY Gummies

SWOLY Creatine Gummies are my favorite creatine gummies on the market.

Not only do they utilize creatine monohydrate, the best form of creatine, but they’re also delicious, convenient, and as low in calories as sweetened creatine gummies can be.

The pack contains 150 gummy bears, four of which you need to hit a 5-gram daily dose. With it, you’ll ingest two grams of sugar, primarily sucrose and dextrose, but if you’re otherwise careful with your diet, these sweet 12 calories shouldn’t pose a huge issue.

Just keep in mind gummies are a very new product, and there needs to be more research proving they’re as efficient as regular powder.

To learn more about the SWOLY gummies, read the full review.

Huge Supplements Creatine Pills 
Huge Creatine Pills

Huge Supplements Creatine Pills are also convenient to avoid the hassle of mixing creatine powder with water. 

This time, you’ll get 150 pills containing a gram of creatine monohydrate, meaning this is a 30-serving pack.

These pills are as pure as pills could get, with the only additional “ingredients” being compounds for binding, shelling, and coloring the pill.

They’re also pretty decently priced as pills go.

Importance of Drinking Enough Water When Taking Creatine

As we’ve said, creatine is an osmotically active substance that will draw water into the muscle cells and “hydrate” them.

Therefore, proper hydration is essential when supplementing with creatine.

Not drinking enough water can result in dehydration, cramping, and even a decrease in muscle strength.

Dehydration is also known to impede the absorption of creatine into the bloodstream.

Many are probably incentivized to dry-scoop creatine because they’re worried about water retention and bloating. Still, those creatine side effects are almost exclusively present during a loading phase or otherwise high doses of creatine, so unless you’re doing that – hydrate ahead and don’t worry.


As evident, dry-scooping certainly isn’t the way to take creatine, even though you can do it.

You’re much better off taking the creatine the “old-fashioned” way with 8-12 liquid ounces of water than throwing that powder on your tongue.

However, if you’re not in the mood to drink – take gummies or pills instead.

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