The 5 Best Tart Cherry Capsules in 2023

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Tart cherry capsules have become increasingly popular, and with so many options available, finding the right product can be challenging.

Thankfully, we’re here to help.

Quite some time ago, we took it upon ourselves to try quite of few of these products.

Today, it’s time we share our top 5 best tart cherry capsules in 2023 to help you make an informed decision.

Let’s go.

Best Overall: Carlyle Max Potency Tart Cherry Capsules

Carlyle Max Potency Tart Cherry Capsules

Carlyle Max Potency Tart Cherry Capsules offer a high-quality, super potent supplement made from a 10:1 concentrate, delivering an equivalent of 10,500 mg of tart cherry per serving that should help ease your pain and inflammation.

These capsules are free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners and are tested and packed in the USA in a GMP-certified facility for your peace of mind. 

Considering their potent formulation and commitment to quality, Carlyle Max Potency Tart Cherry Capsules are our top choice.

Runner Up: Nutricost Tart Cherry Extract Capsules

Nutricost tart cherry capsules

Nutricost Tart Cherry Extract Capsules provide 3000 mg of tart cherry per serving and are made from a 10:1 concentrate.

At this dose, these should be more than capable of helping you out. 

Once again, you’ll get to enjoy a non-GMO, gluten-free, and made-in-the-USA product that’s made from high-quality, rigorously tested ingredients.

Despite the “lower” dose, Nutricost’s commitment to quality and affordability makes their tart cherry capsules an excellent runner-up choice.

Nature’s Truth Ultra Tart Cherry Capsules

Nature's Truth Tart Cherry Extract Capsules

In third place, we have Nature’s Truth Ultra Tart Cherry Capsules offer a decent 1200 mg equivalent of tart cherry per serving. In other words, you get 120-milligram capsules but a 10:1 concentration, which should be more than enough to ease inflammation, help you fall asleep, or reduce soreness after a workout.

Once again, these capsules are free of artificial colors, flavors, and sweeteners, but considering the dose on the lower end of the spectrum – we have had to give it a third spot.

Now Foods Tart Cherry Capsules

Now Tart Cherry Capsules

Now Foods Tart Cherry Capsules deliver 500 mg of tart cherry per serving utilizing 50:1 concentrate.

Considering Now Foods is a well-known and respected brand in the supplement industry, and their tart cherry capsules are made in a GMP-certified facility, we had to include these in our top 5, too. 

And yes, these capsules, too, are vegan, non-GMO, and free of common allergens like soy and gluten, and should help with inflammation, sleep, or recovery.

Best Tart Cherry with Turmeric: Vimerson Health Turmeric Tart Cherry

Vimerson Turmeric and Tart Cherry

For those looking to combine the benefits of tart cherry and turmeric, Vimerson Health Turmeric Tart Cherry is more than an excellent choice

Each serving provides 600 mg of tart cherry (at a 10:1 concentration) and 600 mg of turmeric, along with 10 mg of BioPerine to enhance curcumin absorption.

In other words – this is the real deal! The most potent antioxidative, antiinflammatory, natural supplement out there. Probably.

And yes, these capsules are  3rd-party tested, made in the USA in a GMP-certified facility, and are free of artificial ingredients so you can rest assured you won’t have to deal with any ingredients or additives you don’t want.

How to Pick the Best Tart Cherry Capsules

When selecting the best tart cherry capsules, it’s important to consider factors such as dosage, price, and concentration.

What’s a Good Dosage for Tart Cherry Capsules?

A good dosage for tart cherry capsules typically ranges from 1200 mg to 2500 mg per serving. But, considering the RDA’s not defined – you could very well use upwards of 10 grams without any issues.

At the same time, you have to consider that your age, sex, and body weight will have an influence on how potent a particular dose is for you.

On a related note, if you have a particularly sensitive tummy – overdoing it with a high dose is probably not the best idea unless you want to experience cramps and stomach aches.

What’s a Good Price Per Serving for Tart Cherry Capsules?

A good price per serving for tart cherry capsules varies depending on factors like product quality, concentration, and brand reputation. 

Generally, a price range of $0.15 to $0.35 per serving is considered good, but anything up to $0.50 is reasonable.

If you want to go cheaper, you’re probably better off with powder, rather than capsules.

What Does Concentration Mean in Tart Cherry Capsules (10:1 vs 50:1, etc.)?

Concentration refers to the ratio of tart cherry in the supplement compared to its original form

For example, a 10:1 concentrate means that 10 parts of the original tart cherry have been reduced to 1 part in the supplement.  In other words, a 10:1 concentration means that 500 mg has the same effect as 5000 mg.

As you’ve seen above, there are also 50:1 concentrations, although 10:1 is the most common one.


Selecting the best tart cherry capsules can be a daunting task, but we feel like our top picks for 2023 provide a range of quality options to suit your and everyone else’s needs. 

From very potent products, over mid-range supplements, all the way to a tart cherry/turmeric mixture – there’s probably not a chance you won’t be able to find a capsule to satisfy your needs.

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